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Congratulations with Chinese New year!

New Year celebrations in different countries have their own traditions. In Italy, 12 grapes are eaten for the chiming clock, in Germany they are jumped off chairs, and in Russia, the treasured notes are burned and eaten).

But there is a common tradition: wait for Santa Claus. And let his name is Vainakhtsman in Germany, and in Italy he is not Grandfather, but Babbo Natale, they are expected no less than Russia. Italy, Germany, Russia ... From the capital letters of these countries you can add the word GAME. This year we offer you a small game. Collect a collection of Santa Clauses from around the world. The rules are simple: From you - desire and Christmas tree. From us - the annual replenishment of the collection)).

So let's play?

With PLUS always better.

Participation in the exhibition IPSA

March 20-22, our company participated for the 7th time in the spring exhibition IPSA.

Thanks everyone who visited our booth.

As soon as possible we will answer your inquiries.

And also we are ready to come to your office with a sample case.

So, invite us!

The Award MAPP "Power Masters - 2017"

Presentation of the MAPP award “Power of Masters - 2017” for Russian manufacturers of business souvenirs and gift products.

Thanks to the MAPP for invitation to the expert council of the jury for two years in a row.

Many of our creators are not accustomed to"PR and still believe that the good itself will pave the way. But in the age of the Internet and social networks, good things need to be helped and the Power of Masters Award can and does!

It was nice to see new, non-standard solutions among the entries.

In recent years, customers often hear the phrase: “But we already gifted everything ...”. Therefore, it was especially pleasant to see new, non-standard solutions among the competitive works of the MAPP Prize. They tried to evaluate the work of the participants objectively, paying the maximum possible attention to each of the exhibits.

The MAPP Award “Power of Masters - 2018” has already begun its work.

Control of production thermo mugs

Here we are at the factory of thermoses, thermomugs and thermo-bottles. Initially, we knew the following: now everything with “thermo” is a trend; there are products with single and double walls; the best of them keep the temperature from 12 to 24 hours, and the top is twisted with a lid.

Sheaves of metal pipes in the first workshop didn't cause interest so we moved on. “These are the future thermo mugs,” came a voice from behind. We surprised stopped... In which “ordinary pipe”can turn one find out in the following workshops. Machine tools rattled pipes into billets, molded, grinded, threaded, inserted into each other ... “And here the inner bulb and the outer shell are joined together,” the technologist nodded at two feeble workers with welding machines. “That's the reason why the production takes 30 days,” a glimpse of our guess. - It's impossible that the work of several giant workshops rested on two people. This should be done by an automatic machine!” “Of course,”- our guide laughed and showed several modern units on which welding made up in a split second. However, just a stone's throw away, it was found that manual labor was still indispensable. The worker meticulously examined the rows of inverted thermo mugs and corrected the "yellow beads" in them. “This is a sealant, it will melt and prevent leakage,” the attendant explained. In the next building we saw how the mugs were painted, dried and rubberized. And most importantly– how they make a logo printing. Nearby were circulation items for the store and limited for the anniversary of the cosmetics company. The statement “design sells” has become simply clear. The rubberized surface with a circular seal or mirror engraving turned identical products into objects, if not from different planets, then precisely from different price categories.

At our factory, we met with a representative of "Contigo", the world leader in the production of thermo mugs. The meeting was short and the signing of the contract on a napkin did not end, but left a pleasant feeling of pride: we produce thermoses and mugs in the same place as the flagships and innovators of the thermal market.
Now we know about a million nuances that ultimately affect the quality and price of the product.

And if you have questions or comments - write us, call us, we will make smart gifts and reveal the secrets of familiar things together.